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Scary Halloween Classical Music - Top Ten

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:19 pm
by kickassclassical
Classical music is often used to set the mood in movies and TV shows... even when that mood is one of fright and terror!

Here is our Top Ten list of the scariest, most evil sounding, darkest classical music for Halloween:

Bach "Toccata And Fugue" is a nightmarish, eerie pipe organ. Sweet dreams.
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Orff "O Fortuna" is the most intense, evil sounding choir music we know.
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Grieg "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" starts out slow and creepy, and ends up fast and frantic. You feel sorry for whoever is in that hall.
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Mussorgsky "Night On Bald Mountain" says "thunderbolt and lightning." Very, very frightening.
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Mozart "Dies Irae" is another dramatic choir piece that gives us chills.
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(By the way, "Dies Irae" is pronounced "dee-ace EE-ray." It means "Day Of Wrath," and is a part of the classical music that accompanies a traditional Requiem Mass for a funeral.)

Verdi "Dies Irae" is yet another scary choir singing intensely about Judgment Day. Very "fear of God" type stuff.
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Chopin "Funeral March." Slow, somber and morbid, it's not just "a" funeral march, it's "the" funeral march.
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Prokofiev "Montagues And Capulets" sounds like they're coming to get you.
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Saint-Saƫns "Danse Macabre." This dance of the dead features the Devil playing the violin, and a xylophone imitating the sounds of rattling bones.
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Stravinsky "Sacrificial Dance" from "The Rite Of Spring." Party 'til you die! This is the soundtrack for a young woman who literally dances herself to death.
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So the next time you're watching a scary movie or an epic battle scene on TV, or hanging out at a Halloween party, don't be surprised if you recognize some of the music - music that has been scaring people for hundreds of years.

Want more Kickass Classical? See our Top 100.

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Re: Scary Halloween Classical Music - Top Ten

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:53 am
by kickassclassical
As Halloween gets closer, we thought we'd add to this list with some more obscure classical pieces - that are still very spooky!

Rachmaninov "Prelude In C-Sharp Minor (Bells Of Moscow)"

Bartok "Music For Strings, Percussion, And Celesta," 3rd Movement

Don't listen to them in the dark!

Re: Scary Halloween Classical Music - Top Ten

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:03 pm
by kickassclassical
And here are our favorite pieces of scary movie music!

Bernard Herrmann, "The Murder" from "Psycho"
[ Warning: Graphic murder scene from the movie. ]

John Carpenter, "Halloween Theme" from "Halloween"

Mike Oldfield, "Tubular Bells," the theme from "The Exorcist"

Charlie Clouser, "Zepp Overture," the theme from "Saw"

Jerry Goldsmith, "Carol Anne's Theme" from "Poltergeist"

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