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Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:00 am
by kickassclassical
Do you have an opinion about the Kickass Classical Top 200? Give us your opinion here.


Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:07 am
by janic757
I was surprised not to find Les Preludes by Franz Liszt in the top 100.

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:15 pm
by CanonInD
Wow, this is so exciting!! :D Thanks very much for the top 200!! I'm so glad Rachmaninoff 3:2 and Dvorak New World were as high as they were. No. 105-102 were very obvious, but you guys are favorizing Mozart once again; putting Requiem before Swan Lake, Prokofiev's Romeo & JUlia & Nessun Dorma. I'm so sick of Mozart. Beethoven's 7:2 should've been way higher too. Not trying to be rude here or something, just saying.

Seriously though, WHY THE F**** ISN'T VIVALDI'S SUMMER ON TOP 200 WHEN WINTER IS?????? An HUGE FAIL if you ask me. I bet everyone has heard it sometime in their life.

Here are some other obvious tunes that should've been in the 200 imo, but not as obvious as Vivaldi's Summer:

Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 5 - pretty damn obvious if you ask me

Bach - Mattheuspassion Chorale - The main theme for two of Pasolini's films: "Accattone" & "The Gospel According to St. Matthew" and pretty good with a catchy melody

Elgar - Pomp And Circumstance No. 4 - "A Clockwork Orange; enough said.

Vivaldi - Mandolin Concerto - "Kramer vs. Kramer" Main Theme ffs. Also, in Truffaut's "The Bride Wore Black"

Chopin - Raindrop Prelude - the piece of music Hugo Drax plays in "Moonraker". Also in "Shine".

Händel - Lascio Pianga (or something) - very good and the main theme from "Anti-Christ"

Myers - Cavatina - Main Theme from "The Deer Hunter"

Chopin - Waltz No. 1

Lumbye - Kobenhavns Jernbane Dampgalop & Champagnegalop

I really hope all of these will be in the top 210 when you guys make a Top 300 :P

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit rude btw

Anyways, GREAT JOB on this Top 200! :)

edit: if you guys are searching for a tune to put as #200, DO NOT hesitate to put Vivaldi's Summer 3rd Movement in there. It should really be in the top 80 or something but whatever.

Again, extremely good job!!

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:29 pm
by CanonInD
Also, how come Mozart's Horn Concerto No 4. being more popular than No 2. - is beyond me.

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:27 pm
by andre92
Are you going to put new videos at YouTube?
Will these songs gain a description too?

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:08 pm
by andre92
I would like to see Lawrence of Arabia - Overture ... re=related

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:32 am
by Korados
Wonderful! Will you upload the new songs on Youtube, too? I'm Looking foward to it!

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:55 pm
by kickassclassical
Hi there,

Just popping in to say we made a few changes. We put 10 new titles in based on further research and your suggestions. Of course it's zero-sum, so 10 titles had to come out. We'll save 'em for the Top 300.

We'll also be modifying the rank of some of the titles in the weeks to come.

And yes, after a testing period we'll make one final revision and post the list to YouTube.

You'll notice there are three extra titles at the bottom. These are for after we make the YouTube videos. We're going to rearrange a few things on both lists :)

Thanks again for your participation. Please feel free to continue to comment.

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:46 pm
by andre92
Just to know: wich songs came out?

Re: Kickass Classical Top 200

PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:03 pm
by CanonInD
Please consider the suggestions in my previous post. They all should be included if not on top 200 so at least on top 300 :) I'm glad Vivaldi's Summer is there though. :D

Also, how come, for instance, a piece like Mozart's 25th symphony being on the list (and pretty high up too) when all it is known for (as far as I am know) is from "Amadeus" (that is all you say about the piece too, on the composer's page), but not Vivaldi's Mandolin Concerto or Chopin's Raindrop Prelude? STOP favorizing Mozart, please. And All Nutcracker deserves less attention (as does all the Fantasia (1940) tunes), and all other Tchaikovsky's more.

Also, and I'm sure many agree with me, is that you shouldn't include film music on this list, even if it is a march like the Imperial cause then you can basically include everything from the main theme of Psycho to The Good the Bad the Ugly to Jaws and the list would not be interesting anymore. Film music should be in an another category. Why not make another list with movie themes only?

Anyway this site kicks ass :D